EcoBridge Industries work with Kenaf featured in Plastics Today!


EcoBridge was founded in June of 2014 in Louisville, KY. Our mission is to work with local farmers in sustainably growing and harvesting crops that can be processed into bio-composites, bio-plastics, and other Eco-friendly products.  We partner with farmers AND manufacturers who seek to both make an economic and environmental impact in our world.  EcoBridge’s business model is designed to capitalize on the grow local initiative by centrally sourcing fibers from Louisville, KY which is within a one day's drive of 65% of the U.S. population.


Unlike other bio-products, we do not use common food sources to produce our materials. Our feed stocks have superior retention of mechanical properties during recycling when compared with glass-reinforced thermoplastics.  In automotive and green buildling applications, our feedstock allows for light weighting of components while maintaining strength and cost-competitiveness. EcoBridge is seeking investors, strategic partners, and other opportunities to further develop plant based materials for use in multiple end applications.